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Hillway Delight Restaurant is located at Chhanagolu, Kausani Road, Dwarahat, Almora. Hillway Delight is one of the best Restaurant in Ranikhet. Hillway Delight Restaurant is a casual fine dining Ranikhet Restaurant, offering eclectic Indian cuisine and warm hospitality. Our food is sourced from top quality seasonal ingredients, featuring a high percentage of local and organic products. Our menu changes every six to eight weeks, offering a mix of new and signature dishes. We consider Hillway Delight’s to be a truly “Indian” hotels honoring many different cooking traditions and interpreting them with our unique creative vision. Our approach towards the operation of the hotels is truly cooperative. We believe that every single member of our staff is integral to our success. Our food is hand crafted with fresh, seasonal, organic and local ingredients.

Our passion is compassion and sustainability. We share our passion with our guests through our vegan, organic, and seasonal cuisine, and through our “green” philosophy. Through our food and practices, we strive each day to minimize our carbon footprint, thus making our planet and our community a cleaner, healthier environment in which to not just live, but to live in good health and thrive.

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We believe that eating a plant-based diet and choosing local organic foods is the most direct and simplest way to create a more peaceful, sustainable world. Our goal is to bring our guests Food Fresh. In order to do so…

  •  Educating our staff about green practices and how to implement and maintain them in the work place.
  • Our cuisine is made almost entirely of organic ingredients.
  • Whenever possible we use local produce.
  • Using only non-toxic environmentally friendly cleaning supplies and sanitizers.